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This is not your typical online store, but a revolutionaire's meat arsenal!
Meat (R)evolution gets its supply from all parts of the world.

This way, you are able to get it all when you want to try something fast without any Masterchef skills. Meat of the highest quality Meat (R)evolution!!!

We get supplies only from farmers, who breed their animals according to the latest EU regulations. Each steak, cutlet, burger or mince have been checked and certified. It is only their natural taste. The meat weapon which we utilise in our (R)evolution is real food! Because we believe, that this can change the world. You will find beef, game, lamb and veal in all variety.

Two of the best beef choices from the (R)evolution are Black Angus and Wagyu. They are an integral part of our arsenal and arguably our best weapons. Superpowers - they combine nutrients and amazing taste. Their taste is not subject to comment, and in addition they are rich in a number of useful nutrients. Our beef has the highest degree of "PRIME" marbling. All animals are raised on a special diet and are fed only organic food. From us you can get absolutely all possible beef delicacies - steaks, ribs, medallions, burgers, minced meat, sausages and goulash. They are prepared in no time on a grill, pan, barbecue or hot plate. If you need ideas, take a look at our video recipes!

Meat (R)evolution's GAME ON arsenal comes from the forests of Great Britain and Australia. Each product has been carefully tested and checked for safety. Game meat is different from any other because the animals led a free life in the wilderness. That is why they have much more developed muscles. Game meat contains almost 0 fat. Each piece of meat has a different taste. Game meat is completely flexible to season and garnish with whatever you want - herbs, spices, wild fruits. We offer you skewers, fillets, goulash, kebabs, meatballs, sausages. And we have taken the recipes for them from the hunting notebooks.

Lamb is great because it allows a variety of options for cooking. We emphasize that the Meat (R)evolution lamb is of entirely Bulgarian origin. The lambs are fed a special diet with milk. That's why the meat is so tender. We have a whole series of lamb treats - lamb adana kebab, skewers, t-bon steak, cutlets, French rack, burgers, kebab. You can cook each of them quickly and easily on a pan, grill, bbq, hot plate or oven. We are 100% sure that if you try this tender juicy meat once, it will become your favourite.

Young veal is our most commonly used weapon, with which we involve every meat lover in the (R)evolution. It occupies a very special place in our arsenal. Its distinctive features are light pink colour and remarkable tenderness. That is because the cattle is fed a special diet with milk. It is used to make great steaks in all variety - ribeye, t-bon, tenderloin, rump, sirloin. Let's not miss the veal minced meat, which takes various forms - burgers, kebabs, meatballs, sausages.

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