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Why choose Steak (R)evolution?

  • Veal and beef steaks and cuts from all over the world

  • Meat which is matured for a minimum of 30 days

  • From Cattle, which is fed according to a special diet

  • The meat does not need advanced preparation or matinating

  • Meat, which is rich in protein

  • Low in fat

Beef and Veal Steaks - a true Steak (R)evolution

Attention! Attention! This is the Steak (R)evolution!

At the front line we have our delicious beef and veal steaks. They all come from different parts of the world to form the authentic, pure taste of meat.

We enable you to try out:

  • Beef Striploin Steak from Argentina
  • Argentina Tenderloin Steak - comes from the green Argentinian grass fields, matured for a minimum of 30 days under special conditions

  • Uruguay Striploin Steak

  • Argentina Ribeye Steak
    We advise you try them all - it is worth it!

Beef and veal, although similar, actually have a lot of differences. Veal has less fat and is richer in water. Beef, on the other hand, is richer in iron. Beef is rarely consumed before it has been aged - dry or wet. What both have in common is they are suitable for steaks. In addition, they are rich in many nutrients, such as iron, phosphorus, protein, B vitamins. Both are low in bad cholesterol. In other words, there is hardly a tastier healthy food. The truth is that they are extremely easy to prepare and you do not need special skills. The secret is in searing. The extent to which you cook them depends entirely on your taste - slightly rare, medium or well-done steak. We have enough to try all the options and choose your own. So be bold.

Products in this category are made from premium meat from pasture animals. All natural and environmentally friendly without any artificial substances. The cattle is raised on the clean pastures of Latin America - Argentina and Uruguay. Their special diet is a prerequisite for their hellishly good taste. They are rich in protein and very low in fat. This makes them a delicious addition to any diet. The specific processing technology involves maturation. This is a process in which the meat stays for 30 days under special conditions, thanks to which its taste improves in a completely natural way without preservatives and artificial substances. Beef and veal of Meat (R)evolution is carefully selected and packed according to all standards. Completely ready for you to put on the grill or pan. No pre-treatment or marinating is required. The (R)evolution is by your side every steak of the way!

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