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Burgers are a crucial part of the arsenal of the (R)evolution. We created a mixture of some of the best parts of the animal - boneless leg parts for purity, brisket for juiciness and chuck for taste! It is seasoned only with salt and pepper when grinding. And to save you some time - we made it in a perfectly round shape. 


100% US BEEF
Видео рецепти

Delicious food doesn't always have to be super complicated and twisted. Sometimes you can prepare something worthy of a restaurant menu from the products you have in the fridge. It is shown how in the video. And before you watch it, make sure you have everything on the list so we can cook together. No need to strictly follow the rules. There are no rules in war, in love or in the kitchen! All kinds of improvisations are tolerated, as long as they do not contradict core understandings - namely - no overcooking, no lengthy marinating or drowning in spices. 


Get a tray of U.S. Black Angus Beef Burger from Meat Revolution's arsenal. Heat up the grill pan. Grill for 3 minutes on each side. While you wait, cut the burger bun in half and grill it lightly on both sides. After turning the burger, take a slice of cheddar and place it on it. Use a metal lid or a saucepan to lightly cover the burger and cheese. Now stop with the heat treatment. Start with the "construction". 

Take the bottom of the bun and spread sauce on it. Shred the lettuce and spread. Cut the tomato and put a slice on top of the bun and then salad. Don't worry, you need to add pickles too, without them it won't be the same. Cut them into circles and arrange them on the tomato slice. Take the burger directly from the grill and place it on top. Season with salt and pepper. All you have to do is spread sauce on the top bun and finish the construction with it. Let's hope you haven't forgotten to chill a beer in the fridge - it goes really well with the burger!


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