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We just love our striploin steak and we know that you are not ignorant at all so we are presenting you a quick and easy video recipe. Typically our main character is the meat with its pure and unmasked taste, seasoned with basic spices. Side dish is also included. Let's start cooking!


100% US BEEF

It's not like you don't know already, but here is a reminder - U.S. Black Angus Beef does not need advance marinating prior to cooking. As far as Doneness goes - forget about Well Done! Rare and Medium rare are your friends here!


Start the process with a tray of juicy U.S. Beef Black Angus Striploin steak. You will not get bloody at all, you do not need a knife, because the steak is already well cut and shaped. Ready for the pan or grill, which you need to have heated already. Take the steak out of the package and season with salt and pepper. The beef will not be lonely, we will make a side for it. Take an onion and cut it into slices or as you like, as long as it is suitable for searing, then season it with olive oil.

Sear it for 3-4 minutes on each side, turning it to on all sides. Next to it on the grill arrange onions so that it can be seared together with the beef. At this stage, rosemary enters the game. Flavour the meat and onions. Take a cube of butter, which should melt on top of the beef to make it even juicier. Not that it's not juicy anyway, but if it can get even juicier, why not.

It is mandatory when you remove this type of cut from the heat, to let it rest for 3 minutes. Then season it with salt and pepper. When you cut the meat, it should be pink on the inside. If this is the case with yours, then you have prepared a perfect striploin. Try our other steaks! See how to cook them in the "Video recipes" section!

Видео рецепти


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