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Preparing a juicy U.S. Beef Black Angus Tenderloin steak is not so hard. The tender beef fillet does not need long heat treatment. It only takes a few minutes to make it tasty. The recipe we have prepared for you is a bit more twisted, but not complicated. Just what you need if you want to surprise the gang. We won't tell them how fast you cooked everything. Roll up your sleeves and cook!


100% US BEEF

We told you that the recipe is a bit more twisted, but all the products are easy to find. The juicy tenderloin will be placed on a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes, and a little shaved truffle on top. And here we follow the rules - without marinating and overcooking the meat.


Get a nice tenderloin steak from Meat (R) evolution. Turn on the grill or heat the grill pan. Now take out the steak and tie it with string to keep it in good shape while you cook it - after all, we will do something a little more sophisticated. Season with salt on both sides. Sear it no more than 3-4 minutes on each side. Take some rosemary and put it on the steak to absorb the taste and aroma of the spice.

Add a cube of butter to melt on the juicy fillet. Place a metal lid on top to keep all the nice taste and smell inside. Remove the lid and sear the meat on the sides. So much for cooking. Remove from the heat and shave some truffle on top. Do not overcook it. Season with some more salt and pepper.

As a side, we said that there will be a canapé of mashed potatoes. We believe that you will be able to handle this on your own. In any case, it is not rocket science to boil and mash potatoes. Place the fillet on the puree and pour a little olive oil. Voila! You just made a U.S. Beef Black Angus tenderloin steak worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Bon appetit! Take a look at our other cool recipes!

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