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Why choose Japanese Wagyu Beef steaks and burgers?

  • From a special breed of Japanese animals, originating from Tajima-Gyu
  • Certified Japanese beef by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association
  • Meat with 900 years of history and refinement
  • Fed according to a special program, including rice sticks, fibers, corn and wheat proteins
  • Legend has it that the unique taste of the meat comes from the relaxing massages, given to the animals, combined with 1-2 bottles of fine Japanese beer per day

Japanese Wagyu Beef Meat

Japanese Wagyu Beef meat is the hidden weapon in the arsenal of the (R)evolution - the one that comes at the end and turns everything to dust. Like any powerful weapon, special attention is paid to it. We have even heard rumors of secret tactics in which animals are massaged by their owners with sake, and in addition to water, they are also being served several Japanese beers a day. Whether this is true or not, you can only guess as you watch the juicy steak sear in your pan. The most valuable characteristic of Japanese beef is its marbling, or that white net of useful fat that runs through.


Commonly known of Wagyu Beef is that its marbling require a very high temperature to melt. That's why most of them stay inside the meat to melt on your receptors! It is valuable not only for its taste, but also for its useful nutrients - minerals, amino acids, vitamins, proteins and even oleic acid, which lowers blood cholesterol. Because access to quality food does not have to be a luxury, we offer full blood Japanese Wagyu beef from Gun Ma, certified by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association. Simply put - this means that first-class meat is now more easily accessible. With Meat (R)evolution.

Kobe beef is probably the most popular type of Wagyu beef in the world. It is called so because the breed is concentrated in the Kobe region of Japan. Meat is obtained only from male cattle. Meat (R)evolution's Japanese Wagyu Beef steaks come from farms where the animals are kept according to all environmental requirements. Each is fed a special diet that includes rice, corn protein and fibers.

The Japanese Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Steak is among the most powerful weapons in our meat arsenal. It comes to us from the distant Japanese prefecture of Gun Ma. The quality and marbling of this product is class A5+. It can be cooked on a pan, barbecue, grill or hot plate. Try it as you please! You can not go wrong.

Japanese Wagyu Beef Ribeye is the steak of all steaks. It doesn't matter if you cook it on a pan or a barbecue. If you've already tried the super juicy Wagyu ribeye steak, then you know what we're talking about. If you are not - man, your miss! Taste with a unique texture. In each tray you have a piece of meat, cut to the right size, completely ready for the pan or grill. A little salt and pepper and that's it!

You must try the Japanese Wagyu Beef burger - only then you can understand what the perfect burger tastes like. We give you a reason to fire up the barbecue and throw another burger on the grill, and the neighbours will run out of saliva.

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